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Caring for Jewelry

Caring for your Jewelry

Alara bring you beautifully finished accessories of the highest quality. To ensure you enjoy the use of your jewellery for as long as possible, it requires certain precautions on your part.

 To care for and extend the life of your jewellery, please follow these tips:

  1. Avoid contact with moisture or water (don’t wash hands or shower with it on, or leave it next to the sink).
  2. Avoid direct contact with perfume, lotions or other chemicals that will harm and reduce the life of the plating.
  3. Store it in the original packaging or a soft pouch.
  4. Exposure to open air may dull the plating due to pollution and humidity.
  5. To avoid scratches or stones falling out, please be careful not to drop it or knock your jewellery against hard surfaces while wearing it (especially for rings and bracelets).
  6. Remove jewellery when participating physical activities, e.g. cleaning/gardening
  7. Remove jewellery before bathing, showering or swimming